Denko Petrochemical Management Co., LTD is one of the top 3 fuel supply corporations in the Federal Republic of Myanmar. With a wide petroleum distribution network throughout the country. Denko Group had 85 petrol stations and over 40 petrol stations are in the process of construction stage. In addition, Denko Corporation is also the leading Diesel importer in Myanmar. Denko Petrochemical Management Co., LTD is proud to contribute to the development of the economy of the country of Myanmar in the market field of petroleum & energy.

According to the economic experts estimated the volume of petroleum by Denko Group supply up to 150,000 tons/month and With expectation and target to meet the increasing energy demands of domestic people, showing its responsibilities economically, the environment and social community for the country of Myanmar so Denko Petrochemical Management Co., LTD has decided the project “Denko Thilawa Oil Storage Tank Terminal” officially established and undertaken.

3D image of Denko project

It’s been a long period of evaluation EPC package for Denko Thilawa Oil Storage Tank Terminal Project Denko has officially selected the EPC Contractor on May’2018. With a thorough preparation of technical plus experiences more than 22 years of EPC Contractor for turnkey project in Vietnam and Southeast Asia markets so TVC has overcome all the competitors . Since then, Owner’s Denko has placed his trust in TVC (the predecessor of Toyo Vietnam – Corporation Limited – the subsidiary of Toyo Thai Corporation Limited) and selected TVC was the EPC Contractor for Denko Thilawa Oil Storage Tank Terminal Project – Yangon – Myanmar.

The image of the Denko Thilawa Oil Storage Tank Terminal project contract

On the date 10 – Aug – 2018 the ground breaking ceremony has been arranged for Denko Thilawa Oil Storage Tank Terminal Project. The construction area including the future has an area of 10 hectares, the tank capacity of 135,000 m3 in phase 1 with the project schedule was very tight only 18 months instead of 24 months for comparison with the same other project’s scale. In order to achieve the milestones of project, safety and quality – EPC Contractor (TVC) quickly established the Project Management Board and immediately conducted carefully the engineering design, procurement and construction and risk assessment to be suited with any construction activities. Those management plans & actions from Project Management Team was the key for the project to achieve the success of the project.

With a 22 years of experience, the board of directors and TVC members had taken step by step to overcome all difficulties to keep the commitment progress with the Owner. All the design work, procurement of equipment, materials, machinery, construction was carried out urgently and the most major equipment must be imported from many countries on the world into Myanmar with the guarantee high-tech standards to Owner.

With a lot of challenge ahead such as the tight schedule commitment with Owner, as well facing extremely weather especially raining season in Myanmar. With the efforts of all project’s members working hard within 10 months of implementing, TVC has completed the erection work of 10 steel storage tanks with the capacity of 135.000 m3 petrol and tank with 32m diameter & 22m height, as well as the completion of more than 1km pipe rack steel structure for piping systems up to 20,000meters pipeline routing and over 10,000m ladder cable ladder on the pipe rack from the jetty to utility systems & the tank area.

In parallel, more than 136,000 m fiber optic cable – power & control cable – has been pulled for termination and commissioning. The installation work of process pumps – control system – tank automation system and field instruments are also strictly inspected during installation to ensure the best performance for the terminal.

Besides, TVC also focused on fire-explosion & fire prevention systems, every detail of the equipment applicable to the FM’s standard for the project to ensure stable & reliable of the system when operating.

The detail planning – coordination between engineering design, procurement and construction which is mainly contribution for schedule and quality requirements compliance and expectation from Owner.

Up to the date 20/8/2019 the installation has been inspected completely then the no load test has been conducted for product pumps, fire pumps by TVC. This milestone has been accomplished to remark the efforts of Owner’s project team, PMC’s project team & specially the EPC Contractor TVC’s team and it was the commitment of TVC’s project team to Owner that the others remarkable milestone on 4-Nov-2019 would be achieved for oil in from the jetty to the tank farm.

Over 12 months of continuously construction with the achievement more than 1, 500,000 h safety without LTI – this was the milestone marking the unstoppable effort of EPC Contractor TVC. The construction progress has reached more than 90% of the total workload. The Site team of TVC has worked closely with the Owner – PMC and Sub-Contractors to supervise & manage each construction works, strictly follow to the high standards of safety construction, evaluate each construction activities to complete the task with safety. The satisfactory of quality with the faster construction time compared to other projects with equivalent size also the actual project progress was always closed the plan is to demonstrate clarity for the effort in the construction, accuracy in the work of planning and excellent united of all TVC’s staffs and Contractors. The project also marked the enthusiasm and responsibility for the community of the prosperity and development of the Myanmar country of the Denko Group

Denko Thilawa Oil Storage Tank Terminal Project is the symbol of the spirit of international cooperation between the Owner Denko and TTCL Vietnam Corp., Ltd and we would hope to corporate with Denko for new projects in the petrochemical & energy market in future at Myanmar.

Author: Le Hoang Lam & VF003 team