General contractor of TTCL Vietnam completed testing Mui Ne Solar Power project 40MWp

General contractor of TTCL Vietnam completed testing Mui Ne Solar Power project 40MWp

According to the policy of developing clean energy sources in addition to the traditional energy sources of the Vietnamese government in recent years, Group Pacifico Energy USA, one of the largest corporations in the world in developing renewable energy, has made its first investment in Vietnam market with the Mui Ne Solar Power project with a capacity of 40 MWp.

Figure 1 – Location of Mui Ne Solar Power Project

With many years of experience in building factories in the form of package contract EPC’s and general contractor – Toyo Engineering Group for previous projects in Japan, Investor Pacifico Energy continues to trust and choose TTCL Vietnam (formerly known as Toyo Vietnam, abbreviated TVC) is the EPC general contractor for its first solar power project in Vietnam with outstanding experience in ensuring Safety, Quality and Progress.

The project has a total area of 36 hectares, stretching over 4 km, the wing-shaped crane towards the East Sea, the terrain of sand hills is steeply sloping up and down, located in a land far away from residential areas. At the beginning, there was no road link making the implementation of construction and transportation of equipment, machinery and materials had been difficult. With more than 20 years of experience as an EPC general contractor in Vietnam, as well as inheriting valuable experiences of solar power projects of the parent company in the group, TVC has gradually overcome obstacles to complete quick construction, test run.

Figure 2 – Shooting angle facing the sea from Mui Ne Solar Power project

Within 3 months of starting on October 12, 2016, the general contractor has completed installing more than 100,000 solar panels, this is the project to complete the fastest installation work in Binh Thuan since the policy of developing a series of solar projects in this area with the highest radiation in Vietnam. The terrain of steep sand hills and stretches over 4km causes great challenges for the management and construction but invisible has created a different beauty for the plant when completed. The investor expects that in addition to the target of supplying about 60 million kWh per year to the national grid, meeting the demand for electricity use equivalent to about 27,000 households, reducing CO2 emissions by about 17,000 tons / year, the project will also be a stop over for tourists to visit, check-in the only solar power plant located in Mui Ne area, a famous resort paradise in Vietnam.

Figure 3 – Scene from the Mui Ne Solar Power Project operator

Figure 4 – Pick up the dawn on the solar farm in Mui Ne

Figure 5 – Seeing the sunset on the solar farm in Mui Ne

Requiring the progress of the project to be rushed, the design and procurement of equipment, machinery and construction are carried out in parallel. However, with integrated strengths and general contractor experience across multiple projects, TVC’s experienced engineers still ensure high standards and technical requirements from customers – Pacifico Energy Group.

The project uses Perc 365W Mono energy battery technology, which is carefully calculated to maximize the land area savings (lowest land use index, 0.9 ha / 1MWp. Other solar power projects usually higher than 1 ha / 1MWp). Optimal tilt of the battery to catch solar radiation simulated design on steep hill terrain and rigorous testing during installation to ensure the highest generation efficiency for the plant. The meticulousness in every detail and the close coordination between design – procurement – construction plays an important role in meeting the schedule and quality required.

By April 2019, the final inspection and operation of 110kV substation equipment, SCADA control systems, inverter stations, the entire solar farm was completed, ready for closing electricity. According to the plan, the Southern Power Company SPC plans to connect the plant to the grid on May 28, 2019.

Figure 6- Item of 110kV High Voltage Power Station of Mui Ne solar power project

Interchanging the occasion of the visit to inspect the project before closing electricity, Pacifico Energy Group President, Mr. William Nathan Franklin expressed satisfaction with the progress and quality of the project even though the project was only implemented in 8-month rush time, faster than the group’s solar power projects previously deployed.

Take photo with President Pacifico Energy (5th person from the left)

General contractor TVC is proud to accompany Pacifico Energy and Dragon Capital investment fund in the group’s first solar power project in Vietnam and wishes to continue contributing to future projects with oranges always ensure absolute Safety – Quality – Progress as expected and trusted by customers.