TTCL Vietnam General Contractor EPCM – Project Of CP Paper Corporation

TTCL Vietnam General Contractor EPCM – Project Of CP Paper Corporation

Project “CP Paper Corporation ” invested by CP Paper Corporation, formerly knows as Phung Vinh paper Joint Stock Company, is one of the leading prestigious enterprieses in the paper industry for over 30 years in Vietnam.
The project is built on an area of nearly 4 hectares, including the following iterm: workshops, paper warehouse, office building, power stations, security houses, garages, smoking areas, fite fighting water tanks and pumps factory. The total construction area reaches nearly 22.000m2.

3D photo of  CP Paper Corporation Project

Overcoming competitors, Vietnam quality Assurance Company (referred to as TVC) has more than 22 years of experience in Vietnam and Southeast Asia markets in the field of project management and general contractor of desgin – procurment, competition. Successful, trial delivery has met the requriments and criteria set out by CP Paper Joint Stock Company. Since then, the CP investor has trusted and selected TVC as a design consultant and project manager for the CP Paper Joint Stock Company project.
For the desgin, the investor requested TVC to design a total layout of functional areas suitable to the total area of 38.000m2 and optimize the investment costs of the plant. In addition, CP Paper Joint Stock Company’s Board of Directiors sets the project criteria to achieve LEED Siver certification for office buildings and certifited certificates for worshops, followed by project progress to ensure put into on schedule in April 2019.
LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a green building certificate issued by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), created in 1995 in the United States. This is an international standard pioneering the construction of engery saving building and protecting human habitats.
In order to receive LEED certification, buildings need to comply with energy saving standards and create a green environment such as increasing drainage efficiency, reducing emissions, improving living environment quality, increasing the adaptive capacity of the building to changing environment and using renewable energy source optimally. In addition, in order to earn certificates with different levers such as siliver, gold or platinum certificates, and contruction projects need to accumlate more points crresponding to the criteria of the LEED rating system that you have chosen for your project.

LEED Certified Ver.4 for Warehouse of VD157-CP Paper Corporation Project

LEED Certified Ver.4 for Office Certificate of VD157-CP Paper Corporation Project

In order to concretize those criteria, from April 2018, TVC has launched a master plan with 5 options with different aspects of perfomance and submission to the investor for consideration. The investor has carefully reviewed and consulted experts and then withdrew it to 30 to refine before selecting the final design to be included in the detailed design. The investor has carefully reviewed and consulted experts and then withdrew it is to 3 refine before selecting the final design to be included in the detailed design. In addition, TVC has cooperated with the investor‘s LEED consultant to calculate, simultate energyand design according to the LEED requirments to achieve LEED Siliver for office building and LEED Certifited for manufacturing. Moreover, TVC also considered many solutions that have just meet LEED but had to optimize the total cost of the project.

Handing over the official office of the project on May 11, 2019

With strong resources and practical experience from previous large and similar project, TVC has accelerated the concept design and detailed explanations to investors by many meetings. Since then, the investor has made clear the design have met the needs and quickly approved the design ideas of TVC to continue to quickly deploy the detailed designs as well as apply for licenses related to fire Prevention and Fighting, environment and construction. The purchase has been speeded up to select the contractors of construction packages (CSA) and electromechanical (MEP) on time to help the construction progress as planned and to meet the quality requirments, quality, health safety and environmental friendliness. After 11 months of cooperation and deployment, the project has been completed and handed over on time to the investor to put the project into operation on April 6, 2019 for the factory block and April 29, 2019 for the office block.

Handing over the warehouse and going into use on April 6, 2019

Moreover, during the implementation of the project, the investor is not technical, so the problems encountered in making the investor’s decisions to approve the desgin are very difficult. TVC has to prepare and have a meeting to explain every point of the information needed for the design and the parts related to the project’s finishing materials in order to be approvved by the investor on time, so TVC alaways details how to solve, weekly issues and meeting with investors to deal.
In addition, the Board of Directors of CP Paper Joint Stock Company requires that the project is designed according to LEED standards, one of the first projects of TVC which is beiging implemented. Therefore, the challenge for the engineering and project management team is to ensure that LEED standards are met in the desgin, materials and equipement available in the market and optimze the project cost but still have to ensure quality assurance of materials and equipment for long term operation. The TVC team has endeavored to study the LEED requirements, relevant standards and experiences of many similar previous projects to implement and complete the desgin, quality control and acceptance of equipment and materials in during construction.
Another huge challenge is the construction schedule of the project is 5 months when the workload for construction (CSA) and electromechancial (MEP) is huge on a construction area of more than 21.000m2 of the total area 38.000m2. However, based on the competent and experienced human resources and the closed guidance of the company’s management, TVC has completed the project to be delivered on time with the commitment of TVC and the parties together with the investor.

Handover photo of CP Paper Corporation Project

During 11 months of project implementation, with the cooperation and implementation of the parties, the project was completed and handed over on time to the investor to put into operation on 6 April 2019. Especially, the project has received LEED Siver for office building and LEED Certifited. Especially, the project has received LEED siver for the office building and LEED Certificated for factory on 25 august, 2019 from Green Building Council (USGBC) of USA. TVC controlled the progress of the project with the cost, quality, and safety of the project in the board plan that the investor expected. After the project is completed, this project is one of the projects evaluated by customers with the overall architecture and beatiful office architecture in Le Minh Xuan 3 industrial park and surrounding areas.