People are TTCL Vietnam’s greatest asset. We are passionate about making life better by executing many “green” quality projects. We enjoy the engineering work in a friendly and creative environment.

* Passion:
We enjoy our job. We are proud of our work. We are curious and inquisitive. We focus on what we do. We acquire right qualifications, rich experiences and innovative spirit that contribute to produce an exceptional project.
Today we can say that, we are a talented team of hardworking and diverse individuals, having executed complex EPC projects, and targeting at producing great results meeting our clients’ expectations.

In our field of activities. we are well trained in our profession. We are didicated, ambitious and excited about putting our knowledge and skills into each design. We believe that being professional drives us to the next level.

In daily operations, we understand that customer satisfaction is the key to our success and to achieve such goal we must make the internal customers happy first. We build up the “cooperative environment” which establishes a framework requiring all key participants to commit to “building a safe, high quality project in the shortest time and cost effective manner”.