“Denko Thilawa Oil Storage  Tank Terminal” Project in the Federal Republic of Myanmar is one of the major and key projects of TTCL Vietnam Co., Ltd. (referred to as TVC – formerly Toyo Vietnam Co., Ltd.) in 2019. The project marks the transformation of TTCL Vietnam Co., Ltd on the journey of reaching out to abroad.

Over 17 months of continuous deployment with years of experience as a General Contractor, overcoming many difficulties and challenges – relentless efforts plus the high concentration of the Board of Directors and members TVC and subcontractors have gradually overcome all initial obstacles to keep the commitment schedule with the Investor.

The design, procurement of equipment, supplies, machinery and construction is carried out promptly and accurately to the smallest details. All specifications of the monitoring and management system in Oil Pump Station – Truck Loading Shelter – Fire Pump Station – Local Control Station – Center Control Room meet strict requirements according to international standards bring the project to the ready time to import the first test oil lines into the plant’s pump – tank and piping system on December 14, 2019.

The rigorous meticulousness in the project implementation process and careful evaluation and discussion of each issue – a smooth and close coordination between design, procurement and construction plays an extremely important role that has been achieved expectations in meeting the progress and quality requirements are expected from the Investor.

After the 800,000-hour safety milestone received great trust from the investor and contractors – partners, it has added momentum to the Board of Directors and members of TVC to continue trying their best towards bigger milestones. More than 15 months of continuous construction with high intensity The staff of the General Contractor TVC has worked closely with the Investor – Supervision Consultant – Subcontractor to follow each construction work, strictly follow the standards high standards for safe construction, evaluate each construction method to complete each project item. Those efforts are evidenced by reaching the project milestone that reached 2,000,000 safe hours without any accidents on November 10, 2019. TVC general contractor once again asserted its value and capacity by SAFETY – PROGRESS – QUALITY is always a guideline towards each project that we carry out.

On December 11, 2019, the General Contractor of TVC officially celebrated “2.000.000 SAFE MAN-HOURS WITHOUT LTI ACHIEVEMENT CELEBRATION – READY FOR OIL IN” event. Welcome the first shipment to be received from boat Denko Bright on December 14, 2019. At the event, the Investor highly appreciated TVC’s efforts and was very satisfied with the quality and safety of TVC’s project implementation, the Investor expected to continue to cooperate with TVC in the next projects.

Denko Thilawa Oil Storage  Tank Terminal project has been prepared to go to the final stages to hand over to the Owner. TVC is proud and proud to affirm to the Investor that the decision to place trust in TVC is completely right. All commitments have been fulfilled completely with the spirit of overcoming difficulties and great efforts from TVC team.

Thereby making more beautiful – creating more precious symbol of the spirit of international cooperation between Denko Investor (Myanmar) and TTCL Vietnam Co., Ltd. It will be a premise to continue writing the dream of implementing new projects in the field of energy – petrochemical in Myanmar.