A new picture of solar energy-Solar Mui Ne

A new picture of solar energy-Solar Mui Ne

The world trend is moving forward to further power projects using renewable energy such as wind, solar and biomass.

Keeping up with that trend, the project that TVC family is trying to implement step by step to perfect.

Scale of construction investment of Mui Ne Solar Power Plant project includes the following items:

  • Construction of solar power plant using photovoltaic battery technology, 13 inverter stations with installed capacity of 40MWp – 32.5MWac.
  • Construction of a 22 / 110kV transformer lift station, capacity of 2 × 25MVA.
  • Building 01 110kV double circuit line, about 38m long, from 22 / 110kV booster station of the plant connected to 110kV line Luong Son – Hoa Thang – Mui Ne.
  • Building internal operation lines of factories, plant operation managers, internal power plants.

Some pictures of the project on April 16, 2019: