Carrying out the first project in the country of golden temple, many employees of TVC family have promoted their youth and set off to the new land far away. For the common goal, because the goal of completing the project on schedule to hand over to the investor, they exchanged and effort a lot.

Not only the burden of rice money, they must be away from their families, wives and children, from their loved ones.

Strangely, being surprised when the Burmese language is broken in words, the culture is also different, but Mr. To Phu Minh Nhat (civil TVC engineer) said: “we got used to it. okay, people can go, they can go also, don’t hesitate, think so much. Must complete the project on schedule, complete it in the best way, his brainchild that! “. So, nearly 1 year since the beginning, now that his Burmese language has improved a lot, better understand the way of working as well as the culture of indigenous people, the work has become convenient more beneficial.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Khoa (HSSE engineer) said: “This is my first time away from home for so long, in Vietnam I have been away from home for only 2 weeks at most, but this is already over half a year ago. In my free time, I can only make facetime calls. My father was at home, he confided little to me, but since I came here, my brothers and sisters worked on the project, I understand how much he loves me … He talks to me more, listens to me share more. I appreciate the time I work here, I feel the affection of my father, my family, and I feel much more mature.”

(Photo of engineer Nguyen Dang Khoa giving gifts to Myanmar workers at the event 800,000 safe hours)

Ms. Dang Kim Chi (site admin) confided: “Because of working conditions, I have to stay away from my family like that, sometimes I miss my parents a lot. But with the determination to implement the project, we always try our best, try to complete the project according to the company’s schedule. “Myammar is a newly opened country, with difficult living conditions, how to prepare food is not like in Vietnam, because of that, she subdued, with her ability to cook, she instructed and improved the quality of food for TVC family members, and she also realized that those who work away from home no matter what, they have to accept sacrifices, they want to receive a lot of empathy, sharing of family and relatives more.

TVC family understands that not only her but many other people working away from home have to accept so many sacrifices. To take care of the lives of employees at the project, the company always supports and creates the best conditions for employees to work. From the first sessions until now, Vietnam TTCL has always stood by the members of TVC on site, cooperated closely, and tried our best to implement this project in the best way.

(Party end of month TVC brothers at the shared house)

At work, there are occasional conflicts, but people in the company are very affectionate like siblings in a home, encouraging each other. More than 1 year of attachment, the time is not long, but not too short, many memories, eating together, working together have left beautiful memories about the value of life, about the days of living in a foreign land people.

Together to overcome all difficulties and hardships, in a short time, the TVC family members have taken “these difficulties and problems” as a motivation and a goal to rise up. The Site team of TVC has worked closely with the Owner – PMC and Sub-Contractors to supervise & manage each construction works, strictly follow to the high standards of safety construction, evaluate each construction activities to complete the task with safety. The satisfactory of quality with the faster construction time compared to other projects with equivalent size also the actual project progress was always closed the plan is to demonstrate clarity for the effort in the construction, accuracy in the work of planning and excellent united of all TVC’s staffs and Contractors. The project also marked the enthusiasm and responsibility for the community of the prosperity and development of the Myanmar country of the Denko Group. That force is even more “strong” and “determined”. That proves that we – the big TVC family can do it. When doing that wonderful thing, feeling very felicitous and happy.

The company leadership is always concerned, visiting the life of employees. There are always supportive policies for you at the construction site. To create the best conditions, so that all brothers can bring out their best ability, join hands to contribute to the success of the project: “Denko Thilawa Oil Storage Tank Terminal Project”