With the goal of “brainstorming” together to contribute to the improvement of the operational program of the Technical Division, on November 9, 2019 at Binh Quoi tourist village, a seminar with the full participation of the committee was held. Leaders of TTCL Vietnam Co., Ltd. with the heads of departments and nearly 30 experienced engineers. Event location: 1147 Binh Quoi Street, Ward 28, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

The program provided feedback on many aspects of all technical staff.

Summing up and analyzing over 200 different opinions, the following 5 issues are highlighted and swirled in depth:

+ How to improve the sense of responsibility of each individual?

Being aware of the importance of the sense of responsibility of each individual, thereby determining the attitude of the employee’s work attitude, at the same time deciding the performance of the project, increasing interaction with departments, emulation together but still ensure the progress and quality of the product. Seriously implement, no blame others or circumstances.

+How to work in a team effectively?

Working together, working together, solving problems towards an agreed common goal, coordinating smoothly, sharing knowledge, actively sharing issues that our team meets with groups other. Team leaders must understand the work and assign tasks appropriately, the members must communicate smoothly with the management. In addition, organizing extracurricular activities, based on the principle of respect, nature, comfort without reservation, limiting ego, willingness to receive and acknowledge opinions, sometimes criticism …

+ How to improve and develop management skills?

Identify and develop appropriate plans for employees, understand the thoughts and aspirations, understand the strengths and weaknesses of each employee to assign appropriate jobs; make plans to improve employees’ weaknesses, devote time to training, coaching for employees. Since then, allocate and manage human resources appropriately.

+ What needs to be done to improve the effectiveness of the training program?

Develop topic training appropriate to the needs of trained employees. Training materials are checked for quality assurance. Trainers must have knowledge and experience, share experiences as well as practical approach applications …

+ How to build and improve the working process?

Apply the right process for each type of project, train the basic processes for the entire company, reinforce the awareness of employees about the right application of work processes, processes that clearly apply and fit.

Through the seminar, many ideas, suggestions and action directions were proposed. Through that, the Board of Directors always appreciates and acknowledges the issues discussed and also shares and gives forthcoming directions, giving action plans for policy issues the groups presented, reviewed and added some new policies to raise the level, increase the level of engineers, train, train a strong TVC staff team

This will be one of the bases for TVC’s technical division to build and give the right direction, promote strength and potential to demonstrate the outstanding development of the leading EPC general contractor in Vietnam. – TTCL Vietnam Co., Ltd.