Tetra Pak Opened Packaging Factory

Tetra Pak Opened Packaging Factory

Tetra Pak Group celebrated the inauguration of a packaging factory on July 3, 2019 at No. 12, Street 30, VISHIP –IIA Vinh Tan Ward, Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

The total investment of the project is 120 million EURO, on an area of 100,000m2, it will equip and use the world’s advanced technologies and equipment to produce packaging paper, high-tech and safe paper for food industry.

        Mr. Adolfo Orive – President and CEO of Tetra Pak – said:”the project officially started construction of the main plant and items on November 17, 2017.”

        Only after more than six months from the date of signing the design and consultancy contract, the project was successfully implemented and under the professional management of TTCL Vietnam Co.,tld , the project was handed over to the technology department of the Investor. ordering equipment and also the record short time of Tetra Pak when building 44 production plants around the world. This is one of the first factory in Vietnam to apply the highest environmental standards in the world to achieve LEED Gold version 4 of USGBC. By using a variety of measures such as applying energy control systems and water recycling equipment, the new plant can reduce energy consumption by 36% and reuse more than 21 million liters of water each. year. In addition, production facilities and warehouses are equipped with air conditioning systems to ensure the best quality for paper boxes.

        It is expected that the factory will supply an output of 20 billion paper boxes per year, meeting the needs of packaging units such as Vinasoy, TH Truemilk, Vinamilk, Moc Chau Milk, and Nestle.…

        Also according to the representative of this unit, with the goal of “Safety, quality, environmental friendliness” of Tetra Park, the company has cooperated with TTCL Vietnam Co., Ltd. (called TVC for short) – there is more 22 years of experience in Vietnam and Southeast Asia markets in the field of construction and industrial project management. And it has been proven that TVC has met all requirements for safety, quality and friendliness. environment by professionalism and enthusiasm at work. Tetra Park highly appreciated TVC’s efforts to achieve over 2.3 million hours of safety during project management. Investor Tetra Pak highly appreciated the serious labor attitude and compliance of TVC staff who contributed to the completion of the project in accordance with the goal of “Safety, quality, environment friendliness” as expected. Waiting for Tetra Pak.

        Once again, TVC contractor is very proud of what I have achieved and developed more and more in my time.

        Here are some pictures of the ceremony: