The project “Shwe Lin Pan Petroleum Terminal (SLP)” in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is one of the major and key projects of TTCL Vietnam Co., Ltd.

The project was implemented during a period when the world was facing the difficulties brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, TTCL Vietnam has taken “those difficulties” as the motivation to overcome them together.

In the spirit of joining hands with Myanmar to prevent COVID-19 epidemic, BOD of TTCL Vietnam’s  has seriously oriented and directed the Project Management  Committee to implement measures for disease control, remote prevention and control comply with Myanmar’s health requirements and disseminate knowledge on disease prevention and control at the project.

TTCL Vietnam’s staff has worked closely with the Investor – Supervision Consultant – Subcontractor to closely follow each construction work, strictly following high standards of safe construction to complete the project into each project item.

The Project Board’s collective considers this a challenge to once again affirm that TTCL Vietnam deserves to be one of the leading prestigious EPC General Contractors, proven through outstanding milestones such as: Completed tank construction. , steel structure system, Operators – auxiliary systems are in the finishing stage, pipeline system, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment are ready for trial operation in the near future with high quality satisfactory quality as expected from the Investor.

Although the  lockdown from Myanmar has not been lifted for more than 2 years, from the Project Steering Committee to the Site Supervisors not being allowed on leave  , the support from the main office has also met a lot of challenges and limited but the construction site is still regularly deployed work to meet the set schedule.

With the spirit of “Unity creates strength”, we all believe that the SLP Petroleum Port Complex Project, Myanmar will successfully finish with the goal of “SAFETY – PROGRESS – QUALITY”