For the project execution, TVC assigns a project manager and organizes a project team. Depending on the scale and type of the project, suitable team members are selected from functional units to work under the project manager to implement contracted scopes including schedule, budgetary, quality and safety controls with a consistent concept and policy. These assigned engineers retain their positions in the functional units to get technical instruction and necessary support from the discipline leader. The “Matrix organization” is applied to ensure accumulating of experiences and higher work production.

For construction work, TVC organizes a site team headed by construction manager with full responsibility and authority to manage all site activities. The team comprises of engineers and supervisors who are experienced not only in plant construction but also in construction of other facilities. The design engineers who have participated at the detailed engineering stage are normally put in a supervision position at the construction stage to ensure continuity of the project.

Involvement of the construction manager from an early stage of a project could facilitate the construction planning more closely, and the construction implemented smoothly and effectively.

Through the team, a detail execution plan for safety, quality, cost, schedule and workforce control is carried out to complete the work within the contracted period. Numbers of skilled supervisory personnel and engineering personnel are adequate to ensure both effective direct control and coordination of construction operations, as well as resolving on time all engineering questions arising at the Site during the construction period and up to Initial Acceptance.

Following mechanical completion and pre-commissioning, TVC will conduct or assist clients to carry out commissioning of the plant, depending on the split of scope of work.