The Operation of Human Resource Management

TTCL Vietnam Corporation Ltd. (TVC) recognizes the importance of employees that they are valuable resources to drive the company’s business. The company will recruit staff with motivating while retaining quality employees, and focus on developing employee’s knowledge and skills to be able to support new business for effective and sustainable company.


The Company employs a systematic recruitment system and selection process by recruiting from various channels to obtain diverse applicants. The Human Resource Department works with other Divisions such as Engineering Division, Project Execution Division, Procurement Division, Quality & HSSE Department… to analyze staffing needs, identify essential skill requirements and develop acquisition plans to recruit and select capable applicants to serve business needs in a timely manner.

  • Internal recruitment

Recruitment within the organization is a staff recruiting by selection, arrangement or promoted within the organization by the following ways, considered on their knowledge, experience and appropriateness:

  • Publicizing within company.
  • Mobilizing manpower from head office to project site
  • Manpower support from mother company
  • External Recruitment

The Company recruits staff with knowledge, attitudes and appreciate experiences to join the organization by giving opportunity for students who are about to graduate from the bachelor degree in Engineering field from universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Can Tho, Da Nang and other provinces. The external persons can hand in resume directly at the company or via many other channels.

Selection of Candidates 

Company fairly selects candidates who are interested in joining the organization by interview and testing in skills of knowledge, ideas and job position expertise to comply with our performance and match with appropriate department.


Concerning the employment, Human Resource will strictly verify all employee background in order to solve human trafficking problems, illegal labor, labor violation and child labor (according to CSR policy).

Talent Attraction & Retention  

Company policies for attracting employee cover financial and non-financial incentive.

The company has created and maintained a working environment and company culture where employees feel valued and can contribute to his fullest potentiality to achieve company objective together with his career growth. The company is very proud of having built up a human resource with technical excellence and a professional, self-motivated teamwork spirit. We enjoy the engineering work in a friendly and creative environment.

The Company has considered the remuneration by consideration from Individual employee’s performance in the previous year is evaluated before incorporated into the annual merit increase and to compare with the general market norm and the similar industry gathering with promoting from work performance.

Empowering employees

TVC always considers our employees are major force in driving the company’s business forward. Thus setting the program to support and develop potential employees to extend the capabilities are one of the main missions of the company. The company is willing to spend a significant amount each year to focus on the performance of our employees. The employee development is divided into two formats which consists of external training and in house training inclusive of on-the job training not only focusing on professional expertise enhancement but also personal development mindset.